21st Century Workforce 2.0

Bridget understands the complexities of the new economy, especially when it comes to employment opportunities for Cook County residents. She wants to ensure economic security by making the right investments for well-paying, quality jobs. 

This requires a modern vision for workforce development. Bridget is working with community colleges, high schools and businesses to reimagine apprenticeships programs of prior generations to create a path to sustainable living wage jobs - with or without four-year college. Bridget believes that if the U.S. is going to be a leader in the global labor market, we have to ensure that our job training today looks more like the economy of tomorrow.

Bridget also believes that county residents shouldn’t have to worry a past hospital or credit card bill will impact their ability to get a job or a promotion, so she worked to pass legislation that prevents employers from discriminating against their own workers and job seekers over credit history. 

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